Negative Cognitions

Positive Cognitions

I don’t deserve love.I deserve love; I can have love.
I am a bad person.I am a good (loving) person.
I am terrible.I am fine as I am.
I am worthless (inadequate).I am worthy; I am worthwhile.
I am shameful.I am honorable.
I am not lovable/unlovable.I am lovable.
I am not good enough.I am deserving (fine/okay).
I deserve only bad things.I deserve good things.
I am permanently damaged.I am (can be) healthy.
I am ugly (my body is hateful).I am fine (attractive, lovable).
I do not deserve…I can have (deserve)…
I am stupid (not smart enough).I am intelligent (able to learn).
I am insignificant (unimportant).I am significant (important).
I am a disappointment.I am okay just the way I am.
I deserve to die.I deserve to live.
I deserve to be miserable.I deserve to be happy.
I am different (don’t belong).I am okay as I am.
I should have done something.I did the best I could.
I did something wrong.I learned (can learn) from it.
I should have known better.I do the best I can (l can learn).
I cannot be trusted.I can be trusted.
I cannot trust myself.I can (learn to) trust myself.
I cannot trust my judgment.I can (learn to) trust my judgment.
I cannot trust anyone.I can choose whom to trust.
I cannot protect myself.I can take care of myself.
I am in danger.It’s over; I am safe now.
It’s not okay to feel (show) my emotions.I can safely feel my emotions.
I cannot stand up for myself.I can make my needs known.
I cannot let it out.I can choose to let it out.
I am not in control.I am now in control.
I am powerless (helpless).I now have choices.
I am weakI am strong.
I cannot get what I want.I can get what I want.
I am a failure (will fail).I can succeed.
I cannot succeed.I can succeed.
I have to be perfect (please everyone).I can be myself (make mistakes).
I cannot stand it.I can handle it.
I am inadequate.I am capable.
I cannot trust anyone.I can choose whom to trust.