I really have a new brighter and positive lease on life.

Counselling with Jennifer has provided me with the discovery of how my development of emotions in childhood affect my emotions today. I never previously made the connection. She has provided me with tools to understand and deal with anxiety and emotions. I really have a new brighter and positive lease on life. I came so close to not partaking in counselling, and upon reflection it would have been such a “missed opportunity” to make my life richer.

My counselor (Jennifer) was about “doing the work” and it often felt like she had a plan of attack. Other times when I needed a “vent session” I was able to get things off my chest. This is in contrast to other counsellors I had that didn’t want to work any sort of plan or strategy.

I liked … The opportunity to talk with an impartial person–to work through my own feelings and reach my own understanding about the issues I want to try to deal with.

quiet and cosy counselling room

I have so enjoyed Jennifer’s counselling style, the quiet and cosy counselling room, the fact that it is in her home, not in an office, there is a window to the outdoors — all of which make a pleasing environment for me to work on issues.

Jennifer was the perfect fit! It’s a tough process trying to find the right counsellor, finally I met the right person to suit my needs.

… an extraordinary holistic approach

Jennifer has an extraordinary holistic approach. She was able to utilize the most beneficial type of therapy with me. Jennifer is authentic, she told me what I “needed” to hear, not what I “wanted” to hear. She is very caring, calming. empathetic and trusting and patient which allowed me to be vulnerable.

effective form of therapy

I found the EMDR and IFS therapy the most effective form of therapy as of yet. I was able to use tools Jennifer provided during our sessions.